Remy’s Revenge Tincture

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Remy. This is for you. Named for our founder’s 6 year old son, Remy who has a rare genetic disorder, it addresses what Chinese Medicine considers “wind disorders”. Tremors, seizures, neurological disharmonies all fall under this category. 

  • Shi Jue Ming, Tian Ma, and Gou Teng work to stop the wind, while Mai Men Dong, Sheng Di and Nu Zhen Zi nourish the Yin.
  • Xiang fu, Bai Shao and Dan Shen move Blood.
  • Zhi Zi and Huang Lian clear Heat from all Three Jiao and Fu Shen and Tian Zhu Huang clear Phlegm.

1 oz
500mg of full spectrum hemp extract including all cannabinoids, terpenes, vitamins and minerals per bottle.

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