Using the wisdom of Chinese herbs to unlock the potential of full spectrum hemp.

Our Products

Our hemp extract line is formulated by licensed herbalists to serve your health and wellness needs.

Our product line, including a full-spectrum hemp extract formula and a topical relief balm, provides relief to a variety of needs that we saw the most pressing in the clients in our practices. From smoothing spasms, easing aches, calming your mind, and more, our expertly formulated products were developed with you in mind.

Our Vision

Radical Roots brings the healing wisdom of Chinese Herbal Medicine and combines it with top-quality full-spectrum hemp extract oil, providing incredibly safe and effective medicine for all people big and small.

Our products are designed by licensed herbalists who see firsthand the ailments that are plaguing our society and have prepared formulas that will address individual issues, instead of taking only the one-size-fits-all model that most hemp extract companies have followed.

Our supplements truly address not only the symptoms of the ailments, but their very Roots.

Meet our all-weather collection designed to mix and match

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