The Power of Chinese Medicine Combined with Full-Spectrum Hemp

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Our original line combines full-spectrum hemp with Chinese herbs. These products help manage the most common ailments that we see in today’s societies.
Our Biohacker line is hemp-free and utilizes powerful Chinese herbs. These supplements offer a modular system to address stress, aging and digestion.

Setting the Bar High for the Herbal Industry

Made in U.S.A.
Sustainably Grown
Lab Tested for Purity
Full Spectrum Hemp
Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, Vegan

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Our Herbs are Grown with Love on a Regenerative Farm in Longmont, Co.

Our hemp is sourced from a regenerative farm in Longmont Colorado. From the start, these plants are tended to with love and respect. Using farming techniques that go far beyond the regulations for organic certification, our farmers use no pesticides, herbicides or fertilizer. By using a rotating crop of eight cover plants and flowers they are able to control pests, enhance the mineral content of the soil and balance the mycelium and microbial colonies.

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Chris M.
Chris M.
Products Used: Rest and Relax, Complete Spectrum
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I have been using radical roots cbd for about a year now and cannot begin to explain how much it has helped me - from the Rest and Relax to the Complete Spectrum they are all wonderful in their own ways. As a person who struggles with bouts of anxiety and sleep issues, the Rest and Relax puts me in a tranquil state of mind to be able to relax in peace, or to help me fall asleep. Complete Spectrum helped me immensely while recovering from an ankle fusion surgery in February of 2020. It allowed me to manage the pain tolerance much better which, in turn, got me off of the Dilaudid that was prescribed to me much quicker. Knowing that I can rely on a product that has so many benefits is an amazing advantage to my overall health. Thank you Radical Roots for everything you do. Keep up the amazing work & products you provide.
Stefan F.
Stefan F.
Product Used: Rest and Relax, Remy's Revenge, Complete Spectrum
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I would just like to start by saying how much I love all your products! The quality, purity, and effectiveness are second to none! Also, the fact that all the ingredients from the herbs to the labels are sustainably sourced, small batch, and from small independent producers is such a testament to the integrity of the products and the company. The products I currently use are: Rest and Relax, Remy’s Revenge, and the Complete Spectrum. The Rest and Relax is amazing for sleep! For someone who is constantly on the go, good quality sleep is essential. Thankfully rest and relax is there to help! The Complete spectrum is a great daily addition to my vitamin regime. For anyone who is on their feet at work all day or has an active lifestyle I feel it is a must add for joint health, mobility, and function. I would like to close by thanking RRH for providing a product that works so well for so many different conditions and for the integrity that your company shows through the quality of the products it produces.
Torrey M.
Torrey M.
Products Used: Flow State, Rest and Relax
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I remember the first day I took Flow State so vividly. It was coming off of a sleepless night because of a client deadline I had to meet the next day. I had a jam-packed day of meetings and deliverables, then to top it all off I had a networking event planned at the end of the day. Completely burnt out, I took a serving of Flow State and begrudgingly left for the event. LET ME TELL YOU that this stuff works! I got to the networking event and caught a second wind; I felt relaxed, energetic and confident. I ended up making some high-value connections that night and I remember feeling like I was in a "flow" during the conversation (you know those moments when everything just rolls right off the tongue). Since then, I've used it during exercise and work settings and it always has a positive effect.
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