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digestive health

Digestive Health: A Guide to Optimal Wellness

A healthy gut is essential for overall wellness. With so many diets, supplements, it can be overwhelming to know what to do to optimize your digestion health and feel your best.

rest relax

Rest and Relax

As one of the oldest established medical traditions, Chinese herbal medicine looks to treat the root causes of a disorder. This differs slightly from a more Western approach:   Instead of addressing the symptoms or a disease in particular, we look to findwhat patterns of disharmony are leading to the symptoms.   From our pattern selection, …

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remy's revenge cbd tincture

Remy’s Revenge

Wind disorders in Chinese medicine generally encompass any ailments where there are symptoms of tremors, dizziness or convulsions.  The severity and the prognosis of wind disorders can vary widely, but the underlying factors are often the same. Wind disorders may manifest as seizures, Parkinson’s, vertigo, headaches or Multiple Sclerosis. This formula works to acutely stop …

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5 ways CBD helps anxiety

As an NYC-based acupuncturist and herbalist, I’ve seen my fair share of patients struggling with anxiety. I often explain to patients that their anxiety is the appropriate response to today’s modern world – our nervous system was created for us to go into fight-or-flight every now and then when a bear strolled near, but in …

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My Why

I always knew that Remy was magic, but I never dreamed he was so rare.  My son was diagnosed with a de novo genetic mutation in his syntax binding protein gene, a disorder known as STXBP1. This one nucleotide error took two and a half years of testing to find and comes with more questions …

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How to Dose CBD

These days, CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is everywhere. It seems as if CBD has taken recently taken the health and wellness market by storm. More and more practitioners are prescribing their patients CBD, and more and more people are trying it for themselves to alleviate chronic health problems like anxiety and insomnia, pain and …

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