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Our Hemp

Most of our hemp is sourced from Pachamama farm in Longmont Colorado. From the start, these plants are tended to with love and respect. Using farming techniques that go far beyond the regulations for organic certification, our farmers use no pesticides, herbicides or fertilizer. By using a rotating crop of eight cover plants and flowers they are able to control pests, enhance the mineral content of the soil and balance the mycelium and microbial colonies.

We understand and approach the different cannabinoids and terpenes them through both the lens of Chinese Medicine and modern bioscience. Currently, we use two strains of hemp for our formulas but we are working hard to source the appropriate hemp to match each formula. That way our terpene and cannabinoid profile will all enhance the actions we are focused on in each formula.

Our Herbs

Our Chinese herbs are sourced from Spring Wind herbs who are world renowned for having the strictest testing policies for pesticides and heavy metals and the cleanest herbs available. Our formulas are written by Bart Beckmann L.Ac and Chloe Weber L.Ac MSOM who have both spent close to a decade studying herbs from both and Eastern and a western perspective. We created our formulas to be as safe as possible for a wide variety of patterns that manifest with similar symptoms. We look forward to expanding our line to use more classical formulas and to address more common complaints.

Our Extraction Process

Our meticulously formulated tinctures and topicals are created through spagyric extraction. This ancient alchemical extraction technique uses organic grape ethanol to extract the essence of the hemp and the herbs; creating a tincture of all the terpenes and cannabinoids as well as the phytochemicals in the hemp and herbs. From there, the hemp and herbs will be burned at high temperatures for 6-8 hours. From the ashes, water is used to reconstitute the mineral and salt components of the plants and add them back into the tincture. From a spiritual perspective, we are joining the body and spirit, from a chemical perspective we are adding back the salts and minerals that are important cofactors to help the plant be more effective in its healing functions. It is Whole Plant Medicine. 

Third-Party Testing

Quality, transparency and safety are at the heart of our values as a company. At Radical Roots, we do more extensive third-party testing for our products than most or even all other companies in the industry. We test for cannabinoid potency, terpenes, microbiological analysis for salmonella and e.coli, heavy metals, pesticides, mycotoxins and aflatoxins. Here are the Certificates of Analysis for each of our products:

Remy’s Revenge
Complete Spectrum
Rest & Relax
Relief Remedy
Topical Relief

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