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Radical Roots was co-founded by Chloe Weber L.Ac, MSOM. A mama on a mission to bring the safest and most effective hemp oil to the market, she first created the Remy’s Revenge formula in order to help her sweet son, who has an impressively rare genetic disorder causing global delays and catastrophic epilepsy. As a medical provider, herb nerd and as a mother, Chloe knew that the current one-size-fits-all approach to hemp was not the most effective way to work with this powerful plant. Chloe joined forces with co-founder Bart Beckermann, L.Ac., and together they figured out how to potentiate the actions of the hemp with Chinese herbs, and Radical Roots was born. Using only the highest quality hemp available and an incredibly unique and effective alchemical extraction technique called spagyrics, our oils, capsules and topicals contain high-potency, full-spectrum plant extracts in a unification of herbal traditions, East and West.

Chloe Weber L.Ac, MSOM

Chloe developed an interest in public health and medicine after being diagnosed with Cutaneous Leishmaniasis in high school. As one of the first cases diagnosed in Costa Rica, Chloe was drawn to study Ecology and Evolutionary biology at CU Boulder where she began to understand how diseases evolve along with us and the deep connection between humans and our environment. Eventually, Chloe was drawn to Chinese medicine as a way to address public health issues. She graduated with a Masters of Oriental Medicine from Southwest Acupuncture College in Boulder and spent time studying at Heilongjiang University Hospital in Harbin, China. After graduating, Chloe co-founded a non-profit sliding-scale walk-in Chinese herb clinic called Urban Herbs. Running her clinic Chloe was able to dive into her study of herbs and found great joy in community outreach. When Chloe’s son, Remy, was starting the journey towards diagnosis she decided to move home to New York to focus on supporting him. Chloe currently has a private practice in NYC seeing patients in Manhattan and Bellmore. Working with Remy has lead Chloe to extensively study integrative neurology and functional medicine and has motivated her to find ways to help children with neuro-developmental issues and seizures. While Remy and Chloe both felt better with the many hemp extract oils that they tried, nothing stopped Remy’s seizures. Chloe felt she could create a stronger formula to help those with seizures, joined forces with Bart, and Radical Roots was born!

Chloe Weber

Carie Martin, L.Ac, M.S.Ac

Carie is an Acupuncturist, Integrative Nutritionist and Health Coach, and the founder of Collaborative Care Seattle – a holistic health care clinic in Capitol Hill. She earned her Masters in Acupuncture from the Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Denver, Colorado.

A lifelong athlete and movement enthusiast, Carie has taught yoga, spin, and barre, currently hosts yin yoga + Acupuncture workshops in several states, and leads international wellness retreats. Her travels have taken her to other countries where she has experienced the power of indigenous herbal medicines, as well as the cultural connections to the seasons and the land. 

It’s been her mission for over 12 years to bring principles of Eastern Medicine and practices of self-care to her Acupuncture practice, and the community at large. She is a regular speaker for Cancer Lifeline, a Seattle organization providing support for patients, caregivers, and family members affected by the disease, and she routinely gives talks to organizations on workplace wellness and building healthy teams.

Her passion for neurology, CBD, and herbal remedies grew from her own experiences – treating patients in her clinic, and becoming a patient herself. A car accident in 2015 left her with significant injuries, including permanent nerve damage and chronic pain in her left neck, arm, and hand. The ensuing recovery process made her a believer in the healing power of hemp, and she is proud to be representing the best products on the market as the VP of sales for Radical Roots Herbs.

Carie E. Martin
VP Sales


Meet Remy

Remy has always been magic. As an infant he instantly calmed stressed patients waiting for treatments in Chloe’s clinic. An easy and happy child, Remy is a joy to be around. Around 10 months old Remy was referred to early intervention because he wasn’t meeting milestones. Early intervention then referred him to neurology and genetics. After nearly two years of testing Remy was diagnosed with an extremely rare one-nucleotide error in his gene for the syntax binding protein. Known as STXBP1, Remy is one of around 300 people diagnosed worldwide. This disorder causes moderate to severe intellectual disability, nearly all of the children are non-verbal and many have intractable seizures, Parkinsonian-like tremors and gross and fine motor disability. 
Remy happily obliges as he does over 30 hours of therapy a week. Leaving no stone unturned Remy and Chloe have traveled as far as Ecuador to see specialists and have gone to doctors from all fields and backgrounds. Remy has thrived under the treatment program at The Family Hope Center (https://familyhopecenter.com) and his seizures have remained well controlled. Currently, Remy is 4 years old, he is learning how to use his speaking device, he can stand with assistance and is learning to cruise, he crawls very well, he has a few words and he continues to move in the right direction developmentally. Remy loves his integrative preschool class and is obsessed with swings, books, water play and food. Remy’s Revenge has drastically reduced Remy’s seizures, significantly improved his sleep (to Chloe’s delight) and nearly eliminated his tremor.
Remy is an absolute inspiration to everyone he meets and will help Chloe fulfill her mission to help as many children and adults as she can.

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