Wind Shield Capsules

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Your Best Defense is a Good Offense.

For traveling, or in close proximity to others that are ill, or are feeling particularly run down

Traditional Chinese medicine describes our immune response as “Wei Qi” or “protective qi “. This energy is largely connected to our lung and spleen qi (it always comes back to digestion!). This formula is a modified version of Yu Ping Feng San – traditionally used to support the immune system and fortify the body’s defensive system.

Huang Qi (Astragalus) is a well researched herb that strongly supports the immune system . As the chief herb in this formula, the main actions are to strengthen your body to prevent pathogenic invasions. Bai Zhu and Fang Feng are both part of the original formula and are used in Chinese medicine to support the immune system when you are at a higher risk of illness. We added Huo Xiang and Chen Pi to support the immune response by clearing that in the body which impede our abilities to protect ourselves. Jin Yin Hua, used for centuries for its antiviral qualities, was added to help clear any pathogens that come your way.

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