Topical Relief Salve

In a league of its own in the topical space. This jar contains potent anti-inflammatory herbs in addition to a powerful dose of full spectrum hemp. Just apply to areas of discomfort for long term relief.

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Topical Pain Relief

Say Goodbye to Aches and Pains of Everyday Life

Say goodbye to the aches and pains of the everyday with the help of this powerful Topical Pain Relief Salve. Infused with powerful plant compounds, cannabinoids, and minerals, this topical balm is a jar full of relief. 

Simply apply to the aching or inflamed areas and let the natural healing power of Chinese Medicine and full-spectrum hemp extract get to work. Perfect for overworked or fatigued muscles that need some TLC, this relief salve is a must-have for your end-of-day wellness routine. 

  •  Warms and invigorates the qi and blood
  • Alleviates stagnation and pain
  • Reduces inflammation

Chloe’s note: this topical is wonderful for Gua sha and cupping! 

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*Disclaimer: This hemp product has not been evaluated by the FDA but it has been manufactured according to FDA regulations. This herbal product is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease.

Weight 4 oz



Full spectrum hemp, sheng di huang (radix rehmanniae glutinosae), gui zhi (ramulus cinnamomi cassiae), tao ren (semen pruni persicae), xi xin (herba asari cum radice), bai zhi (radix angelicae dahuricae), du huo (radix angelicae pubescentis), ru xiang (resina olibani), mo yao (resina myrrhae), gan cao (radix glycyrrhizae), chuan jiao (pericarpium zanthoxyli bungeani), hong hua (flos carthami tinctorii), zhang nao (camphora)

Suggested Use

Use topically as needed

Hemp per container



1oz Jar


Vegan and Gluten Free


Store in a cool dry place

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