Relief Remedy Tincture

Combat pain and discomfort while achieving a renewed sense of wellness. This powerful tonic is the perfect solution for overall health and wellness and works to help you recover faster and take on your day.

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Optimal Relief Tonic

According to the CDC, Chronic pain affects between 11% and 40% of the adult population and the opioid epidemic has demolished more families than I can possibly comprehend. Relief Remedy offers the perfect solution; is not addictive, supports overall health and wellness and works to address the underlying disharmonies within the body. This potent formula promotes the flow of qi and blood throughout the body to reduce stagnation and pain.  This blend of ingredients works together in harmony to aid your overall physical health and achieve a renewed sense of wellness.  

  •     Soothes aches and pains throughout the body 
  •     Reduces inflammation
  •     Calms the mind

Chloe’s Note:  In Chinese medicine we believe that stagnation leads to pain.  We focus on moving the qi and blood to alleviate stagnation.  This formula is packed with herbs like Yan Hu Suo and Ji Xue Teng which have been studied extensively for their ability to alleviate pain.  By pairing this powerful herbal formula with high quality hemp, we are ensuring that you are getting the help you need to feel your best throughout the day.  Pair this formula with our Topical Relief salve for internal and external support! 

** If your pain is severe please consider finding an acupuncturist in your area – we are quite good at helping alleviate pain and calming the overactive neuropathways. 

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*Disclaimer: This hemp product has not been evaluated by the FDA but it has been manufactured according to FDA regulations. This herbal product is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease.

Weight4 oz



Full spectrum hemp, xu duan (radix dipsaci), gu sui bu (radix drynariae), ji xue teng (caulis milletiae seu spatholobi), sheng di huang (radix rehmanniae glutinosae), shu di huang (processed radix rehmanniae), sang ji sheng (ramulus loranthi seu visci), bai shao (radix albus paeoniae), wu jia pi (cortex radicis acanthopanacis gracistyli), du zhong (cortex eucommiae ulmoidis), han lian cao (herba ecliptae prostratae), zhi huang qi (radix astragali membranacei), yan hu suo (corydalis rhizome), wu yao (radix linderae strychnifoliae), gan cao (radix glycyrrhizae), chuan lian zi (fructus meliae toosendan)

Suggested Use

0.5-1Ml 2x/day, apply under the tongue and wait 60-90 seconds, then swallow.

Hemp per container


Hemp per serving



1oz Dropper Bottle


Vegan and Gluten Free


Store in a cool dry place


If pregnant or nursing please consult your healthcare professional

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