Middle Management Capsules

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Digestive Harmony on Demand.

With all the current research about the gut-brain axis, the role digestion plays in energy, immunity, and cognitive function, and the importance of microbial balance in regards to body optimization, digestive health is the new black.

Middle Management is based off of a centuries-old classical formula (Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang), first seen in the Pi Wei Lun (Treatise on Spleen and stomach) in 1249, and widely used in Chinese Herbal medicine to this day. It supports digestion, aids the spleen in its job of transformation and transportation, and encourages the clear yang to rise, giving you clean-burning fuel to power the day. We’ve modified the formula to add powerful herbs to remove food stagnation and dissolve phlegm to ensure that you feel your best.

No post-meal bloat and fatigue here, Middle Management makes sure that you stay sharp and focused for what the day throws at you. That corner office is yours in no time!

Herbs: Huang Qi, Sheng Ma, chai hu, Mu xiang, Dang Shen, Chao Bai zhu, Hou po, Jiang Ban xia, Guang Huo Xiang, Chen Pi, Gu Ya, Lao Lian qiao, Zhi Gan Cao

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