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Full spectrum cannabinoid-rich hemp

It’s been said that there is no heavier burden than an unfulfilled potential. Full-spectrum hemp meets Chinese herbs, now we’re talking!


Wisdom is the result of an ongoing distillation of experiences. The hemp plant and herbal practices have a rich medicinal history going back thousands of years. Radical Roots unlocks the therapeutic properties of full spectrum cannabinoid-rich hemp with East Asian medicine’s potent pharmacopeia of herbs, minerals, and other natural substances.

*NEW* Biohacker Blends

If you could simply and effectively enhance your immunity, digestion, and your body’s systems, would you do it?

Biohacking comes down to something we can all relate to, the desire to feel better — and to see just how far we can push the human body. Our hemp-free Biohacker Blends are designed through the lens of East Asian medicine to help you play an active role of how your own biology is expressed.

Health is a human right

Get in touch with health and the strength to heal when you get in touch with the soil, the rain, the sunshine, and your roots. Radical Roots herbal products are formulated by licensed herbalists. All our Chinese herbs, and full spectrum hemp are spagyrical extractions which allow the entire blueprint of the plant to be absorbed.

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