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Rest and Relax

As one of the oldest established medical traditions, Chinese herbal medicine looks to treat the root causes of a disorder. This differs slightly from a more Western approach:  

Instead of addressing the symptoms or a disease in particular, we look to findwhat patterns of disharmony are leading to the symptoms.  

From our pattern selection, we then write a formula from our vast catalogue of medicinal plants, calculating the specific amount of individuals herbs, then combine to make a unique blend. Each herb is selected to function as a part of a whole, making the formula of multiple herbs a precise decoction that addresses the root cause of disharmony, as well as presenting symptoms.

As practicing clinicians, we have specifically formulated Radical Roots products to address the pathologies that we most commonly treat.  Our Rest and Relax formula was designed to help soothe the mind and alleviate the main root causes that often lead to insomnia.  

Ancient wisdom tells us that there are many different presentations to insomnia.

Some are through mental channels – worry, stress, anxiety, conflict

Others are physical – hormonal, high blood pressure, even side effects of other medications.

And why is this important?

We know that a lack of sleep affects our ability to make new memories, hold, and process new information, it increases beta-amyloid proteins in the brain associated with Alzheimers, it reduces testosterone in males, decreases metabolism, and inhibits your body’s ability to process and eliminate inflammation.

6 hours of sleep or less a night is associated with increased risk of stroke, serious cardiac events, cancer, and a whole host of other issues involving our immune, digestive, cardiovascular and nervous systems. It leads to cognitive impairment, poor focus and work performance, and a lack of physical strength and endurance, and even emotional resilience.

This formula was created to address the most common root factors of agitation and insomnia: deficiency, stagnation, over-thinking, physical discomfort, and our over-stressed, over-tired, over-worked, overly-busy lifestyles, so you can fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up feeling refreshed, and ready to take on your day! The formula is also safe to take during the day time, as it does not make you tired, simply calms your mind. 🙂

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